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This, too, is how disciplinary power works, by colonizing us from within, so we become the willing inhabitants of the worlds specified by our preferred narratives.

— Michel Foucault, 1980 (via indailylife)

Agency has become a catch word. In a way, this intoxication with ‘agency’ is the product of liberal individualism. The ability of individuals to fashion themselves, to change their live, is given ideological priority over the relation within which they themselves are actually formed, situated, and sustained.

— Talal Asad, “Modern Power and the Reconfiguration of Religious Traditions" Interviewed by Saba Mahmood (via namumkin)


Sammy Slabbinck

Catastrophism is a kind of inverted utopianism.

— Peter Hallward, ‘What Is Political Will?’ (via spiritandteeth)

Anonyme asked: Gahh you're adorable

Anons have been so kind lately. Suspicious. (Thank you!)