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Aesthetics, particularly since Hegel, is the claimed domination of philosophy over art by which philosophy claims to unpack its meaning, truth, and destination after the event of art’s supposed death. In its least aggressive, least legislative form, philosophy describes art’s figures, eras, its styles, the formal systems according to philosophy’s own norms. Art, for its part, resists this enterprise and rebels.

— François Laruelle, Photo-Fiction (via spiritandteeth)

Like an artisan, engineer, or designer, I am going to construct in front of you a so-called apparatus of photo-fiction (or at least make an attempt at projecting the diagram rather than contemplating the Idea of the photo). It is an exercise in the construction of a theoretical object, and is thus transparent, but which will function more like a black box.

François Laruelle, Photo-Fiction (via spiritandteeth)

'It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness.' This could be read, of course, as a reintegration of consciousness with existence, but the expression could not be more unfortunate, since if social existence determines consciousness, then consciousness cannot be part of social existence.

— Ernesto Laclau & Chantal Mouffe, “Post-Marxism Without Apologies”

For it must be cried out, at a time when some have the audacity to neo-evangelize in the name of the ideal of a liberal democracy that has finally realized itself as the ideal of human history: never have violence, inequality, exclusion, famine, and thus economic oppression affected as many human beings in the history of the earth and of humanity. Instead of singing the advent of the ideal of liberal democracy and of the capitalist market in the euphoria of the end of history, instead of celebrating the ‘end of ideologies’ and the end of the great emancipatory discourses, let us never neglect this obvious macroscopic fact, made up of innumerable singular sites of suffering: no degree of progress allows one to ignore that never before, in absolute figures, have so many men, women and children been subjugated, starved or exterminated on the earth.

— Jacques Derrida, Specters of Marx (via poststructur-al)